Festival of the Ages and Heian-jingu Shrine.
"The Festival of the Ages" to be known as one of Kyoto three big festivals with Aoi Festival, the Gion festival.
Heian-jingu Shrine was built as enshrined deity in the Emperor Kanmu in 1895 in commemoration of the 1100th year by peaceful capital relocation, and memorial festival was held grandly from October 22 to 24th.
On the next day of the memorial festival, line in imitation of manners and customs was held by hand of Kyoto citizen in the times of 1,000 rest of life to the Meiji era from the Heian era. It comes to be carried out on October 22 equal to day of capital relocation and continues up to the present day every year from 29 years.
The Kyoto, Festival of the Ages building. The name "Toni Toni" (tonitoni).
10 (ten) 22 a month (22) days are days of peaceful capital relocation. And it is date of "the Festival of the Ages". Put ten and 22 together to have many people learn the day as facility which can sense the Festival of the Ages bodily; and called "Toni Toni" (tonitoni) was unique, and did for the name that was easy to learn.