History and Okazaki district of Aoi Kyoto.
Okazaki district is located the east of Heiankyo. At the end of the Heian era, "Shirakawa" that immatsurigoto was held was built and was full of prosperity as the center of politics and was called "Shirakawa" in those days. Afterwards, we go to ruin by competition between two teams battles, but it is the Kamakura era, and the center of "Shirakawa" comes to be called "Okazaki".
The modernization and Okazaki district of Kyoto.
Before long from the late Tokugawa period to Meiji. Foundation of the modernization of Kyoto was built by Lake Biwa running off water planned after Tokyo capital relocation. And "inside the country encouragement of industry exhibition" and "peaceful capital relocation 1100 memorial festival" were held at the same time in 1895, and Heian-jingu Shrine was founded as symbol of memorial festival, and the Festival of the Ages was carried out.
To Culture Zone representing Kyoto.
Okazaki Park was established in exhibition ruins. Afterwards, public hall, library, art museum, encouragement of industry building, various culture facilities including zoo were further built and formed Culture Zone which represented Kyoto. In addition, urban development advanced in the foot of Higashiyama and developed as residential area.
Charm of tourist attraction and the four seasons.
There are many famous spots for its cherry blossoms representing Kyoto in Okazaki district. And summer is the fresh green. We turn red in autumn, and "the Festival of the Ages is held, too". There is day to see snow scene of Higashiyama in winter. As tourist attraction centers around our facility, we can mention charm of Kyoto through one year.
  • The Festival of the Ages
  • Otorii