Culture commercial facilities which there was nowhere.
"Culture commercial facilities of information dispatch type" with all thought that we had you sense charm of the annual Festival of the Ages bodily anytime here and wanted to spread splendor of the Festival of the Ages more for the world. It is "Toni Toni" (Toni Toni).

Kyoto, Festival of the Ages building Toni Toni (Toni Toni)

Space direction by artist who is young and spirited.
It is highly precise and reflects picture work by picture writer, Tadashi Mitani who featured the theme of manners and customs line on screen in hall in the times by the latest imaging technique. You can perform simulated experience of "the Festival of the Ages" anytime. In addition, young person lantern craftsman of light brand "small Hishiya Chuubee" of Kojima store producing Kyoto, ground tension lanterns from the generous politics year expectation produces light of facility.