Heian-jingu Shrine
The foundation history
In Heian-jingu Shrine, the 50th Emperor Kanmu who was capital relocation nooya God was founded as enshrined deity in 1895 in commemoration of Heian capital relocation 1100.

Decline of Kyoto had thing which covered up eye in those days. City area went to ruin by war of the late Tokugawa period, and it gave big blow in heart of people that capital virtually moved by the Meiji Restoration to Tokyo.

It was civic "passion" to Kyoto revival and "contemplation" for Kyoto of people of the whole country to have saved Kyoto under the situation. We developed many reconstruction contracts, and new Kyoto was explored in education, culture, industry, all including life, and power was poured into the maintenance succession of good old Kyoto at the same time.

These enthusiasm and a series of towns revitalization business bore fruit wonderfully, and Heian-jingu Shrine was founded.

The will of the deceased of many people on Kyoto revival was founded with prayer of world Heian to convey elegant Kyoto that continued prospering for more than 1,000 years in history to tell in history.

Afterwards, put together, and the Emperor of Heiankyo achievement, divine spirit of the 121st Emperor Komei are worshiped in 1940 equal to 2,600 years in the Imperial reign by citizen's friendship and will gather veneration as "hometown Kyoto of Japanese culture" nooya God widely.