News of 6/9, 10 Toni Toni Marchais holding


Date /2018 age Saturday, June 9, Sunday, June 10 

Place / "Kyoto, Festival of the Ages building 12 ten ni" site

It is 00 00-16 /11 at time


It is in Kyoto, Okazaki, the Heian-jingu Shrine west side

Handmade Marchais which is held outdoors of "Kyoto, Festival of the Ages building Toni Toni" (Toni Toni).

Fresh seasonal vegetables, delicious lunch,

Handmade miscellaneous goods and accessories, various articles including Kyoto souvenir form a line.

As shop in Toni Toni opens a store, too and offers Marchais-limited article

When you come to Heian-jingu Shrine, please drop in.


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