Star Festival "Okazaki promenade" Toni Toni Marchais & mini-live concert in Kyoto held decision!
As for the projection mapping!


"Sound party of Okazaki promenade star" is held as Okazaki area event of "the Star Festival of Kyoto" that is summer feature of Kyoto.

Please see comfort in planning that Toni Toni vary with family, friend, couple.




August 11, 2018 (soil, celebration) - Sunday, August 12




①It is held until Toni Toni Marchais, 21:00.


Time from 11:00 to 21:00

Mini-fair (yoyo fishing, Super Bowl scoop, etc.) and fresh fresh vegetables,
Shop in Toni Toni opens a store, too and offers Marchais-limited foods.





We hold Western music, traditional Japanese music fork, miniraivu by various artists including soul music.


<<Saturday, August 11 performer >>


●Rich with Keiji Asao

We are active by recital with a musical instrument around Kyoto. We send with everyday trifling event and scenery as song.
●Keiji Asao
Guitarist who is playing an active part around Kansai. Owner of various talent to play banyan tree, ukulele, electric guitar, gut guitar, Brazilian guitar.


●linn + Carlos

Linn of recital with a musical instrument of Western music, traditional Japanese music fork and Duo of Carlos Ono of bossa nova guitar recital with a musical instrument.


●Men la bino

It is group of 5 who is active under the theme of "music that liquor advances" to around Osaka, Men la bino (menrabino).
Mainly on music such as Funk,soul, groovy; and anyone aims at music to be able to enjoy from adult to child◎
Musical piece is downloadable by iTunes Store and Spotify, various delivery services including Google play.
As there is contribution in Youtube a lot, please watch◎


Expectation that performer asks on Sunday, August 12!


③Projection mapping reflects picture work of the Festival of the Ages.



We plan at the time of nightfall at - 21:00 at time

Star Festival "sound party of Okazaki promenade star" business cooperation of Kyoto.

We reflect picture writer, picture work of the Festival of the Ages by Tadashi Mitani.


※Content may be different.
※As for the business of store in hall, it becomes just as usual at 18:00.




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