News of Toni Toni Day&Night holding



We create bustle on the stage of Okazaki area that is space for the night and day in Kyoto first-rate public holidays and festival days

"The Okazaki, Kyoto fine weather stage" is held on Sunday on Saturday, September 15, 16th.

Areas are united around Okazaki Park and heap up "the Okazaki fine weather stage"!




Saturday, September 15, 2018 - Sunday, September 16




①We do business together until 21:00 in hall on 15th, 16th. We open a store in Marchais in front yard.


②Candy holder collecting event holding.


"Okazaki time light program" presentation +

By the receipt (only as for the issuance on that day) presentation that had you purchase product in hall

Candy holder collecting is possible. (we make booth in hall)




We hold Western music, traditional Japanese music fork, miniraivu by various artists including soul music.


<<Saturday, September 15 time schedule >>


<<Sunday, September 16 time schedule >>


④Projection mapping reflects picture work of the Festival of the Ages.



We plan at the time of nightfall at - 21:00 at time

We reflect picture writer, picture work of the Festival of the Ages by Tadashi Mitani.


※Marchais live projection mapping may be called off by rainy day.

※Plan content may be different.

2018.9.11 improves