"Toni Toni pet photographic contest" holding → Under work display!


◇◇◇ "Toni Toni pet photographic contest" offer essential point ◇◇◇


◆Theme: Our vaunted pet


◆Offer period: Until Sunday, July 28

・We have title of email input with [Toni Toni photographic contest],

In the text [the name of pet] [the metropolis and districts to live] [age] [sex] [e-mail address]

Well, after filling out, please send work by email.

・To 3 works per person, file is in JPEG format that is with 1 work 5MB or less of, please.

5MB or more images lower resize, resolution, and please send.



⇒ We accepted and were finished. Thank you for your much application!

(July 29, 2019)



◆Work display: From Monday, August 5 to Thursday, September 26

・We decide work to display after selection.


◆Vote period: From Monday, August 5 to Sunday, September 1

・You can vote in exhibit space in hall of the Kyoto, Festival of the Ages building Toni Toni.


◆Result announcement: Saturday, September 7

・We announce in homepage and exhibit space.

・We contact prizewinner by email.

・We plan article of Toni Toni careful selection about prize.


※We prohibit admission by pet companion.




2019.6.24 improves